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August 2018 Chai Conversation
By: sawc-admin
Posted date | Report - February | 2023

Following the exciting Chai Adda picnic in July, August chai conversation focused on the children of the South Asian community to foster their understanding about SAWC’s activities and contributions. Questions raised included: Why do we gather for Chai meeting every month? Do children have a role to play in the Center? How can the young ones help the center grow and form a healthy neighborhood? What does it mean to vote? Who are immigrants, and do they have some specific rights? Why do we need voting rights? How can the Center contribute to the growth and learnings of the children?

Carrying forward our July discussion, we talked further about each country’s current political situation and how it affects our own immigrant status in the US. The robust discussion got the children thinking about their own lives and paths forward. We spoke about our cultures, festivals and holidays, food, family values, voting rights while emphasizing the role of women in our lives. Children were inspired to share the role their mothers have played in their lives and shared their pride in the work they do. Having learned closely the multifaceted work of SAWC, as a first step they were keen to share about their new learning from and about SAWC with their friends when school starts this week.
At this session, SAWC provided school supplies to the children. We also realized our relevance in educating children about the cultural heritage of the countries where their roots lie. To this end, we undertake to offer a blend of american and South Asian ways of life.