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August 2019 Chai Session
By: sawc-admin
Posted date | Report - August | 2023

The agenda of August Chai Adda being the last before children went back to school was to organize the month such that the focus remained on them. We also saw the need to focus on team building initiatives within SAWC members, outreach, trainings and skill development.

As the summer ends, it was suggested that the events be more “outdoorsy” so the children could continue to enjoy the connection we built with our environment over the summer. With this in mind, SAWC aims to organize picnics, book readings in parks and visits to farmers’ markets as we discuss political and cultural aspects impacting them. As a result of a meaningful discussion, we intend to have our end-of-summer picnic at Boston Commons where we will have the opportunity to delve into the history of Boston and the United States with the Independence movement having its origins in the area. It will give us an opportunity to speak about the importance of exercising our democratic rights, immigration and our own ethnic history and background. We also plan to engage in attended civic action trainings and discussed the 10- years agenda for the Massachusetts state. An additional discussion point was to help our members channelise their resources to support their neighborhood communities.

We thank our members for their enthusiasm and engaging with their communities to build a deep connection within it and help SAWC help them achieve political consciousness and social will.