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July 2019 chai session
By: sawc-admin
Posted date | Report - August | 2023

In our July’s chai adda we engaged with a smaller group of members than usual who had special requirements for preparing for job interviews. We offered them advice and guidance on how to have an effective telephonic conversation with prospective employers while gearing up for face to face interview. We identified how, between handling domestic chores, can members manage time effectively to prepare for interviews. We also discussed ways to conduct oneself when invited for Job interview. Lack of language expertise hinder their chances of seeking a job and negotiate a salary, in case they find one. With this in mind, we intend to organize multiple training this fall on fair wage, immigrants’ rights session and human rights workshops to help us understand our basic rights. We also plan to have a workshop on operating and managing one’s own bank account and creating a digital presence with an email for correspondence. This casual meeting with few members led to discussing relevant issues impacting them that were deterrents in seeking a job. 

Event Location
362 Rindge Ave , 402 Rindge Ave.