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Nov 2019 Chai adda
By: sawc-admin
Posted date | Report - April | 2023

In November we again did book reading session for the community kids and their moms. We read  E for Election day by and You hold me up.  We women focused on working on our cooking coops and its various nuances. We made rate card and learnt  how to do a market research and figure out the market rate for every dish we planned for our menu book. How we should add our labor charge, value our self, our micro skills, be confident and the best is to bring in an  authentic taste to our dish. Garnishing and outlook should be perfect and then a fair price to the dish. Be rational but not aggressive. Learn to bargain if required and the rate card should be made by every cook themselves. We started valuing our household work which we contribute towards our family. There might not be an economic return for we the  housewives but we do really contribute a large economic value to our family. We also learnt to respect our handmade food and then the others in the family will value it…that was a big take away for us.  We all were gearing up for our upcoming panel discussion on how our 2 years of involvement at the center’s activities made us so much politically active. We all voted, and by using our voting rights we feel so empowered.

Event Location
Rindge Ave Community room