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September 2019 Cha Adda
By: sawc-admin
Posted date | Report - April | 2023

September chai addas focused on GOTV project emphasising on  community members and  knowing their issues. Talking to our community members gave us a fair understanding of who expects what from the center’s resources. Another important point we talked about was only if we exercise our voting rights we contribute to the political development of our community. We discussed about members everyday problem at work, knowing their federal rights, housing benefits and how to focus on their language development which becomes a hurdle at work.

After connecting with Medford public housing residents for the safe Medford standout in September , we learnt there are many communities which needs to be networked and brought under our SAWC umbrella. We hope to work together towards creating safe spaces for immigrant, refugee and asylum populations in our neighboring cities. We spoke with many South Asian in the public housing and helped them register to vote.

Event Location
Rindge Ave, Community room.