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By: sawc-admin
Posted on : 10 January 2023 |
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SAWC was awarded the Social Innovation runners up award for 2019.

Cambridge Community Foundation (CCF) was established to make a difference in the lives of residents of Cambridge, MA. It is the local giving platform for Cambridge supporting our city’s shared prosperity, social equity, and cultural richness, with roots that go a century deep. The Cambridge Community Foundation connects sectors across the community, to highlight emerging and critical needs, and catalyze efforts– from fundraising and grant making, to civic engagement– to ensure resources are focused where they can make the greatest difference. 


This year CCF launched the Social Innovation Award, a new competition identifying and supporting the emerging innovators developing solutions to urban problems in Cambridge. While it received multiple application from highly motivated individuals, students, groups, entrepreneurs and nonprofits contributing towards making a difference in the quality of life in Cambridge, MA, it honored SAWC with Social Innovation Runners Up award for 2019. 


Details about the award can be found here.

We deeply appreciate and are honored for being considered for this award by CCF. We also extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our supporters, volunteers and the community that encourages us to achieve more. Congratulations to all or team members for their efforts to make this award possible.

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